Our Purpose
We hope this movie motivates viewers to seek more peace in their lives. To help people experience inner peace, we offer free instruction in the universal science of deep meditation. Please share The Gift of Inner Peace with others as a way to encourage us all to live in greater harmony and love.

Joseph Bharat Cornell,
Author and founder of Ananda Meditation Support

The Music
The music for this movie is appropriately titled, Inner Peace. This melody was composed by J. Donald Walters, performed by David Eby and Sharon Brooks, and appears on the CD, Relax: Meditations for Flute and Cello, by Clarity Sound & Light

If you would like to listen to this beautiful music while reading the text to the movie, simply click the “play” button.

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The Gift of Inner Peace
Are you seeking inner peace?
Where do you hope to find it?

Instinctively we know Life holds great promise:
that inner joy and serenity can be ours.

Perhaps you have asked yourself: 
How can I find peace of mind?

Great scriptures throughout the ages have lovingly proclaimed:
The secret to inner peace is to go within. 

The peace of your soul awaits you at the center of your own being.
You will never find real peace anywhere else.

Have you ever asked yourself:
How can I remain calm and poised
even during challenging circumstances?

The answer lies in living less at your periphery
and more from your center.

Meditation is the supreme art of learning
to live from one’s center.

Meditation is a state of profound relaxation,
where the mind is still and extremely alert.

The benefits of meditation are many:
Concentration… Joy… Creativity… Love
In deep meditation the body and mind are still
and the heart is open to others and to God.

Meditation means listening with your whole being.

Meditation trains you to bring all your resources
of body, mind, and heart to whatever you do. 

Meditation is a scientific process of withdrawing your awareness
from the body, mind, and emotions in order to
experience higher aspects of your being. 

With a little instruction, anyone can meditate.
The benefits are so enormous, you might think:
This is too good to be true!
But it is true.

Once you begin to meditate even just ten minutes a day,
you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Give yourself and others the greatest gift of all:
Inner Peace
Meditate Daily
Share your joy and uplifted consciousness with everyone and everything. 


May the peace of your soul
always guide and inspire you.

written by Joseph Bharat Cornell, with special thanks to J. Donald Walters

The Photography
We would like to thank the following photographers and agencies for granting us permission to use their beautiful images in The Gift of Inner Peace. All photographs are protected under international copyright laws.

  • AbleStock
  • Barbara Bingham
  • Charlie Borland
  • Joseph Bharat Cornell
  • FogStock LLC
  • Robert Frutos
  • John Novak
  • Akio Shoji
  • Stephanie Steyer
  • J. Donald Walters

Flash Animation and Web Design

Written and Produced by Joseph Bharat Cornell
Ananda Meditation Support
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